Early in the morning, the sunlight spreads over the Seine in Paris, veiling the buildings, trees and the river with a layer of light. The place where Monet, Rodin and other artists were born is proud with the richness of art.

The designing center of Carlymilo is located in the Champs Elysees, Paris. When the sunlight reaches the spacious office the talents release their passion and inspiration and this is how the great design was created.

The brand of Carlymilo was established in 1930 in the cradle of the world’s big brands. In decades it has accumulated great value of its own. It targets at the age group of 30 to 55, who stress great importance on both fashion and high quality. Its garments and accessories lead the trend of men’s wear, which is considered to be the representation of metropolitan lifestyle, the marvelous combination of leisure and business. In terms of garments, the French name brand Carlymilo demonstrates the European style of life and dressing in China. It’s determined to be recognized and remembered forever.

Paris is the birthplace of name brand, here brought together the world famous international brand, the world’s leading clothing designers and super models.